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WA Foundation For Success

single customer service conduit

Centralized call system allows fast inter-hospital communication.

24/7 transfer center

Your facility's team of coordinators never miss a call. Period.

real-time reporting

Instant, web-based access to more than 60 one-click or customized reports. Real-time and historical data accessible from any device.

customized protocols

Set facility-specific protocols and guidelines for transfers. Dedicated coordinators are trained in your specific protocol.

quality assurance process

Every call is assessed for quality assurance with immediate escalation if issues are identified.

automatic event logging

Time-stamped event logs can be accessed real-time and beyond.


All communication is recorded and archived.

flexible staffing

Your system receives dedicated coordinators that meet your call volume, with ability to adjust staffing by one to thirty.

24/7 clinical oversight

Clinicians available 24/7 for medical review and escalation issues (clinicians do not dictate or make clinical decisions).

web-based access

Your reports are accessible online from any device.

triple redundancy

All data and recordings are backed up in three places.

disaster recovery

In the unlikely event of a disaster, systems will be restored within two hours.

automatic notifications

You will be automatically notified of any events that impact your system, with calls rerouted based on your preference.

automatic acceptance

Customize auto-acceptance options for trauma, STEMIs, or other specialized referrals.


All calls answered within eighteen seconds by your dedicated representative.


We continually seek ways of improving our operations through hospital system integration.